One Year Later

So, it has been almost a year now since I accepted a position with Gartner Inc. as an IT industry analyst.  In that time, all of my thinking and writing about the industry has been redirected to Gartner’s research outputs through notes and client inquiry.  It occurs to me that those visiting my blog might think I’ve “gone dark” or that this web site is not tended. So, to at least keep the lights on, I’ll occasionally post things that I can, although much of it won’t be about cloud technology as I have written in years past.

Although I can’t directly post my research here, I can post links to it.  Of course, a Gartner subscription or one-off payment will be required to access them, but it will give those who stumble upon my personal blog an idea of where my thoughts have wandered since joining the ranks of the analysts.

Incorporating and Optimizing Public Cloud Costs in Modern SaaS Pricing Models

27 January 2017  |  As independent software vendors build modern SaaS offerings, SaaS technology product management leaders must develop new pricing models. These models must account for the variable cost and cloud-unique benefits of the underlying public cloud hyperscale IaaS and PaaS services that they build upon….

Analyst(s): Craig Lowery

Market Trends: The Convergence of IaaS and PaaS Cloud Services

15 November 2016  |  The accelerating convergence of IaaS and PaaS into a service model combining the two will disrupt existing markets. Technology strategic planners must understand the opportunities and threats from delivering and consuming cloud services through these historically distinct offerings….

Analyst(s): Craig Lowery  |  Mike Dorosh

Market Guide for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, North America

25 October 2016  |  Infrastructure and operations leaders considering the use of a managed service provider to support their public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service deployments have a variety of options and capabilities to choose from. Gartner helps to align their choice with primary use cases….

Analyst(s): Mike Dorosh  |  Craig Lowery

Emerging Technology Analysis: Serverless Computing and Function Platform as a Service

15 September 2016  |  Serverless computing solutions execute logic in environments with no visible VM or OS. Services such as Amazon Web Services Lambda are disrupting many cloud development and operational patterns. Technology and service provider product managers must prepare for the change….

Analyst(s): Craig Lowery

Seven Steps to Reducing Public Cloud IaaS Expense

30 August 2016  |  Managing public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service expense can be complicated. From pricing plans to underutilized resources, there are many potential pitfalls for overspend along with missed opportunities to cut costs. IT leaders should take these low-cost, low-risk steps to find immediate savings….

Analyst(s): Craig Lowery  |  Gary Spivak

Innovation Insight for Cloud Service Expense Management Tools

12 August 2016  |  Public cloud IaaS consumption and spending continue to grow. I&O leaders responsible for IaaS spending need to get ahead of spending and waste through the emerging practice of cloud service expense management, and to take advantage of the emerging tools….

Analyst(s): Gary Spivak  |  Craig Lowery  |  Robert Naegle

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