“Computers” is such a lame word to describe the study of computer science and related fields.  I’m a technologist – I like all things scientific, that are orderly and beautiful in their design, that provide a useful function or simply an aesthetic kick.

My doctorate in Computer Science is my pedigree, but it represents such a small part of who I am as a technologist.  Certainly, in my day job I have fulfilled a role as “technology strategist” in which I made sense of how technology in the information technology industry is moving and changing, and how it affected customers, solved their problems, and typically created new problems, too.

But my love affair with technology doesn’t end there.  It also extends to adjacent areas of interest, such as music, radio, and my own small business.  In all of these roles, technology is a toolbox that I draw from, often connecting pieces from various disciplines to see what I can create, either to solve a problem, or just to prove it is possible.

On the Home page of this web site, you’ll read blog postings relating to my mainline role as a technologist studying cloud computing.  When I joined Gartner, I had to stop blogging about technology here, since all of my technology-related thoughts are theirs to publish now.  I’ve no doubt my “focus” will change again in coming years, as technology fads come and go, and I move on to the next thing that logically needs to be understood for the good of my company and its customers.  On the other pages, you’ll read about music and radio and who knows what else, but you won’t have to look very closely to see the fingerprints of the technologist in me trying to figure out how to connect them in cool ways.