This page is quite out of date. It lists places where I published prior to joining Gartner. Since then, all of my intellectual output of this nature belongs to them. However, a lot of research I do and a large number of quotes in press articles are easily found by searching on my name and Gartner:

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Below is a list of papers, articles, books, and other blog posts that I’ve created or contributed to over the years prior to Gartner. (The years 2006-2009 were lean because the nature my role did not afford me opportunities to write publicly. ) Where appropriate, related articles are grouped together in a series. A hyper-link will be visible if an online copy of the work exists.

Cloud Computing
Virtual Data Center and Virtualization
Caching and Content Distribution Networks

Cloud Computing:

Virtual Data Center and Virtualization:


Caching and Content Distribution Networks


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